Friday, 19 July 2013

 PARANOIZ (hung)::::::ŽuŽu (cz/fr):::::WHITE WIGMAN (cz)


ParaNoiZ (Hungaria)
is a project that creates massive, improvisatory noise music with a unique line-up. Present members ( Kálmán Pongrácz /aka Rovar17 -laptop, live electronics ; Gábor Tóth/aka Tgnoise - live electronics; Krisztián Bartha - drums) -- build up a 'harsh', 'ambient noise' based rhythm-heavy sound on each concert. Among others, this project aims at broadening the noise soundscape with novel, experimental sounds, in search for new structural dimensions. For this reason, they invite guest performers on each occasion who don not necessarily or expressly operate in the noise music scene.
and some music to taste:

ŽuŽu (cz/fr)
harsh exorcism
a new project from Romano Krzych and Patrick Pelikan + Iveta Plna

Pelikan :!
also runs into cz bands like
or Fucked Duet with Klamm!
and here a solo project

Romano Krzych is an anti-sportiv "performer" and his mouth black hole spitting out words and sounds like nails
otherwise here are some jokes :

Iveta Plna is above all a secret painter :
and uses to play music with a third ghostly hand

White Wigman (cz)

is White Wigman,
a meditativ fisher

also involved as bassist in Rouilleux

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