Saturday 13 June 2015

13.06.2015 / Karlin Studio, Praha


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Local artists musicians and performers are invited via the site of the Placard

to register their performance to the extent of the available slots. Each slot offers a 30 min. open space to express. All performances will be played from 10 am to 10 pm and streamed on the web. 

In case of any question don’t hesitate to contact the organizers via e-mail

There is no fixed line-up and no tacit order or hierarchy and the attendance is free: anyone who wishes to perform can subscribe for a live or DJ set, plug the personal gear and perform. All performances will be streamed in real time and could be listened all around the world, especially by the growing Placard listeners community.

Mostly physically present in the same emmetting space (KARLIN STUDIOS), performers and listeners linked by a system of headphones share during this long event the same special half-silence and quiet creativ excitement. Also the concept of Le Placard was thought to guest virtual performers registered on the site. Basically everyone connected on internet should stream his live from his own room and be diffused both on the web and the emmetting space. Performers and listeners just have to register first on the site and follow some easy process explained via an e-mail received on their own adress.

Initiated in 1999 by French musician Erik Minkkinen (known as a member of Sister Iodine and other experimental music projects), Le Placard is a nomadic streaming festival that presents concerts listened to solely with headphones, a novelty that has attracted an international following and given rise to an extensive network of enthusiasts, musicians and promoters. Le Placard started in Paris at time when police raids on unlicensed events were frequent and finding venues for alternative music was difficult. So instead Erik Minkkinen organised a headphone party in his small apartment, called 'placard' after the French word for 'cupboard'. Since then this concept has grown to an international streaming festival, with many cities providing listening rooms for local and remote performances. To the present , more than a hundred of Le Placard festivals have taken place, connecting various cities. In the Czech Republic Le Placard will be for the second time.

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