Friday 3 August 2018

Rádio-Nuda live show(and fb stream) at PUNCTUM

(feat. on live.: Scenes from Salad, fr, and Romano Krzych fr/cz)

ps: this mix show will host some lives and interventions here and there during those four sonic hours of mix of weird disco, collages, sonor poetry, hard tech, bruitism, silence, whisperings, , ..Do expect surprises !!

also will be streamed on Radio-Punctum fb page

born in Prague, czech republic, Rádio-Nuda is mostly a gesture.
An anti-products and no fetichist one.
Omnivorous, eating absolutely everything.
Also broadcastes and promotes every trials of doing over imperial lines of sound.
Oftenly negativ, weird contents, but not only.Stolen commercial garbages too.

Best is to listen

For this time, Rádio-Nuda will be mostly ruled by Romano Krzych (aka Dj Dasen) and Scenes from Salad,(fr) a must-see figure in the parisian experimental and deviant music scene

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