Thursday 14 November 2019

DEL_F64.0 / BOB THE BUILDER / RÜBEZAHL / VESTAS at Klinika, praha

17th of october 2018

L’image contient peut-être : une personne ou plus

Kernspinn" is therefore a concept we developed for a series of parties taking place in Berlin before.
A "kernspin resonator" (MRT) is known from medical practise, while the first syllable means "core" such as in "hardcore" but also as a connection to deepness, originality and earthboundness and the following "spinn" (we added a second -n) is connected to the words "spider", "lunatic" and "(invisible) connection".

To "spinnen" means in German to think in a socially non acceptable way, away from rationality and the well known and accepted patriarchal "right hand path" as also to produce/manufact cloth and texture from yarns, usually by dint of a loom, a symbol that is found in many fairytales, romantic myth and archaic poems.

noise / experimental / acid / klezmer / break / speed / grind / core / industrial / impro

DEL_F64.0 /// erkner

"Happy Grindcore" producer from Ukraine.
Co-owner of
Breakcore videos creator.

RÜBEZAHL /// berlin

VESTAS /// amsterdam
+ possibly impro sessions with

FAT FRUMOS /// odessa

ACIDRATRATORS /// jelenia gora

EMPTYZ /// jaworzno

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Starting in Ukraine we are organising a great and experimental underground tour, then from South Poland to Torun, over North Czechia and finally closing with two concerts in Berlin City, organised by Antigenitalistic Rrrriot (Ger) and supported by several collectives such as Pincet (UA), Suck Puck Records (UA), Rogomichkin (CZ), Fuck Off System (Ger), Bodrayakorova (UA) and Plattegrond (NL).

The tour will start in Kiev on 23rd of September and end on 20th October in Berlin, in collaboration and participation of local acts, bringing a wide spectrum of experimental underground music and performance art, mostly harsh, unpredictable and strongly expressive.


The first "Kernspinn Event" took place on 30th of April, the night of Beltane or "Walpurgis Night", known as a night of witchery, pagan rituals and other pre Christian traditions that should be prevented by the church and other powerful institutions of the patriarchic empires."

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